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You’re making a donation to Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF) without attaching it to anyone’s STEPtember total. If you’d rather have your donation count toward a specific person's fundraising goal, please click here to search for their name and continue on from there.

Your gift supports cerebral palsy research projects in CPARF's four main research areas: prevention, chronic pain treatment alternatives, thought-to-speech and other technologies, and regenerative medicine.

Your gift will help:

Train medical teams to detect cerebral palsy in babies as young as three months old, so they can get timely physical therapy.
Support research into new chronic pain treatments and solutions for millions of people with CP.
Fund genetic research into CP’s causes and prevention possibilities.
Fund research aimed at reducing CP’s severity in babies by repairing stroke-related brain damage.
Support innovations in robotic technology so a child can walk on their own for the first time.
Build the first-ever thought-to-speech device by 2021 — giving a voice to people who can’t speak.
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